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गुरु, 27 जुल॰


Love Chat - Rajni w/Steph B: Transitions & Transformation

🎙️ Exciting IG Live interview! Join us as we explore Transitions and Transformation with Rajni. 🌱💫 Tune in for heartwarming insights on change and growth. 🌿✨ Don't miss this chance to be part of our community! 🤝💕

Love Chat - Rajni w/Steph B: Transitions & Transformation
Love Chat - Rajni w/Steph B: Transitions & Transformation

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27 जुल॰ 2023, 3:00 pm

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🎙️ THANK YOU to @teacherselflove for an inspiring Instagram Live interview! 🌟 Gem after gem,  Rajni Tibrewala, MAT, CLSC, Teacher Self-Love Coach, as our special guest, explored the power of Transitions and Transformation. 

🌱💫  🗓️ 7/27/23⏰ 12 PM PST/3 PM EST 🕰️duration 🤷🏾‍♀️😘  

If you're catching the replay,  get ready to dive into a heartwarming conversation as Rajni  shares her personal experiences and insights on embracing change and growth. 🌿✨ Don't miss this opportunity to be part of our growing, sacred, and growth-centered community! 🤝💕 

 #Transitions #Transformation #EmbraceChange #GrowthMindset #Inspiration #CommunityBuilding #Authenticity #PersonalGrowth #Empowerment #InstagramLiveInterview #JoinUs #PositiveVibesOnly #MeaningfulConversations #TogetherWeGrow #InstaInterview #SpeakerSeries #InspiringStories #EmpowerEachOther #LearnAndGrow #ConnectWithUs #FollowForUpdates Stay in touch! 🎉✨ IG @stephbgud2dae 💌 @teacherselflove website: Rajni Tibrewala, MAT, CLSC, is a dedicated educator and Certified Life & Spiritual Coach with a focus on promoting self-love and well-being.

As a first-generation Indian-American, Rajni brings a unique perspective to her coaching practice. With a background in trauma-informed and somatic practices, she empowers her clients to overcome self-neglect, navigate burnout, and cultivate a thriving life by embracing self-love. Her approach fosters balance, fulfillment, and deeper connections.

Rajni's professional journey spans over 13 years of teaching science in public high schools and middle schools across New York City and San Francisco. She has also provided guidance to new educators and led various professional learning workshops.

Educationally, Rajni holds a Master's Degree in Teaching from NYU and is licensed in both New York and California. Her coaching certifications were earned through the Life Purpose Institute in 2021. With her rich background in education and her commitment to holistic well-being, Rajni is dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to self-discovery and self-care.

Topics for this series:

  1. Personal Growth and Development
  2. Inspiration and Empowerment
  3. Self-Discovery and Transformation
  4. Life Transitions and Change
  5. Mindfulness and Well-being
  6. Community Building and Connection
  7. Conversations on Change
  8. Navigating Life's Shifts
  9. Embracing Change with Resilience
  10. Journey of Transformation

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